Lasting Impression Gift Basket - Countdown to Christmas

Lasting Impression Gift Basket – Christmas Special

A Lasting Impression
A Lasting Impression

Lasting Impression Gift Basket: Send this gift with a fantastic look to your friends or important business associates and clients for the Holidays. Elegant gift for a gentleman.

The gift package is adorned with gold branches and tied by sheer ribbon and Your message will be arriving on a stunning Christmas card. They will feel very impressed by this gift and how you value them.

A Lasting Impression Gift Basket includes: Pirouline chocolate hazelnut artisan rolled wafers, Scottish style shortbread cookies, Fruit jelly slices, Guylian Belgian chocolates, Ghirardelli chocolate squares, Cappuccino, Gourmet mocha mix, Holiday pralines with marzipan, fruit jelly,  cherry and chocolate, and  lemon cheesecake flavors, and more!

Send a touch of elegance and golden arrangement of gourmet treats for this Christmas. Friends, family and colleages love to receive and enjoy the well-known Ghirardelli chocolate squares and Pirouline chocolate hazelnut artisan rolled wafers. Another popular treat is the Guylian Belgian chocolates with its creamy seahorse-shaped milk chocolates. They will love these treats as well as cappuccino and gourmet mocha mix. You can always use these drinks to warm up this winter.

This charming gift basket looks great in offices and can create the perfect thank you gesture in time for the Christmas office parties. Be sure to send your gift baskets a little earlier to the offices in order to create a successful delivery, since most of the offices are going to be on holiday leave.


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