Sympathy Gift Giving Etiquette

Sympathy Gift Giving Etiquette

It can be difficult to know what to say and how to express your emotions to someone you care about while grieving. Below is a list of questions answered about Sympathy Gift Giving Etiquette. The most important is to show them how much you care, love and support them at this time of loss with a sympathy gift. Gourmet Gift Basket Store has a variety of sympathy gifts to choose from: sympathy gift baskets, flowers, fruit baskets, cakes, special sympathy gifts and more. According to a sympathy guide, one of the top gifts to give at this time are flowers since their colourful appearance will brighten the room and bring a bit of an uplift to the sinking sorrowful soul. Be sure to attach a sympathy gift message that will be delivered along with your sympathy gift.

Amazing Grace with Musical Figurine
Amazing Grace with Musical Figurine

Is it appropriate to send a gift instead of flowers?

Yes. Flowers are the traditional method of acknowledging sympathy and a nice arrangement is a lovely gift. Flowers die and for many bereaved people, the day they have to throw the flowers out is another day of extreme sadness. That simple act can impart feelings of loneliness and sorrow and compound grief. The keepsake gift box is often used to store cherished mementos of the deceased and the books are read and reread. A sympathy gift with a gardening theme honours the bereaved and the deceased throughout the seasons.

Do I send a gift even if there is not a service?

Yes, your gift sends the message that you care and are thinking of the family and friends who are grieving. There are numerous reasons people choose not to have a service, but the most common reason is the request of the deceased. When families honour that request and do not have a service they are still grieving. Your gift of sympathy provides support to them at a very important time.

If the family requested a charitable donation “in lieu of flowers” is it still appropriate to send a sympathy gift?

Yes, your gift of sympathy provides visible, emotional support to friends and family at a time when they really need it. A sympathy gift sends your personal message of condolence. You may choose to express your condolences in more than one way; sending a card, making a charitable contribution, sending a sympathy gift and offering practical help and assistance. In some cases, families are saying we don’t want people to spend money on flowers. They believe that money is better spent through the charitable organization. However, they are not saying we don’t want gifts of support and comfort. If you feel a sympathy gift best conveys your message of condolence, the bereaved will certainly appreciate your support.

The funeral is already over. Is it still appropriate to send a sympathy gift?

A sympathy gift delivered to the home after the busyness of the funeral and visiting friends and family is often more appreciated. When others have returned to their own homes and lives, the arrival of a gift of sympathy can warm a grieving heart and deliver a special message – you are not forgotten. People continue to grieve after the funeral is over, anytime within the first year of death is an appropriate time to send a message of sympathy and support.

Delicate Pink Roses Bouquet
Delicate Pink Roses Bouquet

Is it appropriate to send a gift commemorating the one-year anniversary of the death?

The anniversaries and holidays that pass without the deceased are often very difficult for grieving friends and families. Sending a gift provides comfort and support when the bereaved are hurting. A sympathy gift received during these times is very special because it reminds the bereaved they are not forgotten. These sympathy gifts are sometimes referred to as ‘memorial gifts’ and their arrival validates an important part of the bereaved life; they are still grieving. Grieving takes time. It really is a life long journey and many times the bereaved are told they need to let go and move on long before it is time or they are ready. If you know a friend or family member is hurting and want to acknowledge the anniversary of death or a special holiday, a memorial gift is a true comfort.

Find more sympathy questions answered. For more Sympathy Gift Ideas be sure to check out Gourmet Gift Basket Store’s Sympathy Collection.

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